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1- General principle

Why leave a message after your death?
Have you never thought 'if I would die tomorrow, I would have wanted him to know this...' ? 'After Death' is born from this idea, the possibility to be able to leave a message that you would not have dared to say while alive.

This service is totally free and accessible to everybody, whether you are sick or in good health, because we estimate that everyone can need to leave a message.

The only indispensable condition to access this service is to be able to come and check-in on the frequency you will have set yourself and of course that the people you want to send a message have an email address. Everyone is free to write what he wants in his messages, all is obviously encrypted in our database. Important : even though you are free about the content of your messages, we do not encourage you to leave any wills or other documents which will not have any legal and official value!

The check-in system is the only way we have to verify your existence, it is necessary that you adapt it exactly to your check-in frequency.

If you do not check in according to the check-in frequency you have chosen, we consider you are dead and the messages will be sent out to the recipient(s).

2- The way it works

You would like to program one or more messages; here is how to do so:

· How to subscribe

Before everything, you have to create an account (free). For this, simply click 'Subscribe' in the menu on the left, fill in the form and hit the send button. An email will be sent to you reminding you of your username and password.

· Members area

In this area, you will find all your information; you can modify it whenever you wish.

a/ Check-in

Before programming a message, you have to choose a check-in frequency :

- Daily
- Weekly
- Monthly
- Quarterly
- Semi-Annual
- Annual

This frequency is determining, this is what verifies your existence, if you do not check in on the chosen frequency, we consider you dead. However, before sending out the programmed message(s), an email will be sent to you every day for three days. Without a check-in from you after these three days, the message(s) will be sent.

You can check in whenever you like provided it is before the time limit.

To check-in, simply come to the website and login (or use the RSS feed with your RSS reader). Then you will see your last login date and you time limit.

At any time you can change your check-in frequency, the date of the last check-in will be the one used.
Don't forget that when you connect to the website (in your account), it will move forward your limit time.

You can now program your messages

For more information, please visit the check-in area.

b/ Your programmed messages

You can create as many messages as you want. Every message is limited to two recipients; it is recommended to enter a second email address if you would like to make sure that your message will be correctly received by your contact(s). However, we also recommend you to verify regularly your contacts email address(es).
Be careful : if you decide to send your message to two recipients, we recommend you to write 'This message is addressed to…' so there is no error in whom the message is addressed to!

You wish to modify one or more message(s)? Just click on modify or select the message(s) you wish to change, and then click 'update the entry'.

To delete a message, you have to click on 'remove' and click on the message 'bin' that you wish to remove.

For more information, please visit our faq.

3- Constraints

There is no constraint except the check-in one.

For example, if you have chosen the semi-annual frequency and you connect before reaching the limit time, it will be the date of your connexion that will be considered to calculate the next time limit, so 6 months later.

4- Messages sending

After your cut off date, we send you a first alert via email, another one 24 hours later and a third next and last day.
If you do not login into your account (or with RSS feeds), the message(s) will be sent to the recipient(s) (thus three days after your cut off date). At the same time, we send you an email to confirm that the email(s) have been sent to there recipient(s). You gonna tell me 'isn't it silly because I will be dead', and you will be right...but you never know :)

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