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1- Explanations

The check in is the only way that we have to check your existence.

Indeed, by obliging you to connect to your account at a frequency that you will have determined yourself, we will know that your post-mortem message does not have to be sent yet.

Before writing your message, you will be asked to choose in between different check-in frequencies :

· Every day
· Every week
· Every month
· Every quarter
· Every six-month period
· Every year

If you do not check-in according to your frequency, we consider you are dead.

However, before sending out the message(s), we send you three reminders, every day, for three days.

It will only be after these three reminders that your message(s) will be sent out.

2- Check in :

It does not matter what frequency of check-in you choose, you have up to midnight of the cut off date to check in, to do so, you simply need to login to your account.

Example: if you choose the daily frequency and write a message today, you have up to tomorrow midnight to check in.
For the weekly frequency, you have up to the same day, midnight, a week after to check in.
If you choose the monthly frequency, you have up to the same day, midnight, a month after to check in.
And so on...

3- Absences :

You can change your check-in frequency whenever you like.

If you are going away for a certain time and that it is likely to affect your check-in frequency, we advise you to adapt it before your departure. The date of the last check-in will be the one used.

Example: You have chosen the weekly frequency and you are counting on going away for three weeks. We recommend you to change your check-in frequency to monthly or even quarterly.

If you have not found the answer to your question, please see the FAQ.

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