Send messages after your death...

If you could send messages beyond the grave...

Hi all, welcomes you to this unusual website. It proposes you to leave one (or more) message to someone of your choice, after your death..
Indeed, who has never thought that when the moment comes for us to leave this world, it will be too late to say some things to the people we love (or not !). I think all of us have reasons to have something to say, a secret to leave...

Well, this is how this website was born in 2003 !
One day, the admin was driving quietly in his car and was wondering how he could leave a message to a relation if he would ever die suddenly. You know, the kind of message we can not take away with us, but that we do not dare to say whilst alive.

This website wants to be neither sad, nor happy, but simply functional.
It is completely automated, on a server which is also completely dedicated, and does not even need the webmaster to be alive for it to work ;-)
And best of all : it's totally FREE and with no ads !

Your confidentiality is totally respected, all messages are encrypted in our database.

If you are asking yourself questions on the method used, we recommend you to visit the various sections of the site, and if you still have some non answered questions, please, visit the FAQ.

Paul Leal Alves | IT Developer

The idea of making this website was born thanks to his owner, Paul Leal Alves, and was the first website offering digital legacy services on the world.
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