Send messages after your death...


General questions

  • What is this website's goal ?
  • This site allows you to send a message (a mail) to one or more recipients they'll receive after your death

  • who can use this website ?
  • It is allowed and accessible to everyone. the only condition is that you should be able to respect your chosen check-in frequency

  • Why sending a message after my death ?
  • Everyone has its own private reasons, but everybody has probably something to say to everyone, whatever it can be. Love messages, secrets, confessions, your imagination is the only limit...

  • How will you know that I'm dead and that the messages must be sent ?
  • A check-in system that you will configure yourself will alow us to virtually control your existence.
    If you don't chek-in in your chosen frequency, we'll consider you're dead and the message(s) will automatically be sent. (after 3 recalls sent by mail during the next 3 days, but this can be changed to fit your needs)

  • To whom can I send a message after my death ?
  • The only restriction is that your recipient must have an email adress. You can configure out 2 recipients to be sure that at least one of them have a true fonctional mail adress at the moment we send them.

    Technical questions

  • How wil you know that I'm really dead ?
  • If your dont check-in in the chosen frequency, we'll send you one warning per day during 3 days (this cab be changed to fit your need) (by e-mail and push notification if you activate them on your account, also by SMS).
    After this, if you didn't check in, we'll consider you're dead and your messages will be sent.

  • Do I have to create an account to write a message ?
  • Yes, it's the only condition to be able to write messages. Basic services are free and no one will ever ask you to pay !

  • How can I become a member ?
  • You only need to click on 'subscription' on the menu and fill in the fields.
    A mail will confirm your subscription.

  • How to program a message ?
  • Once you subscribe, you can access the members administration. Before you can write a message, you have to choose your check-in frequency. Then, go to messages management, fill in your recipient(s) and write your message. We recommend you to write your message in a text éditor program so that you can take all your time, and so copy it then to the message field. If you prefer, you can write your message directly in the message field, but be careful, if it takes too much time to write de message, your session may end, and you may lost some new text.

  • How to edit a message ?
  • On the messages management, you just have to click on Modify on the selected message and then update your message.

  • Can I delete a message ?
  • Yes ! Just click on the trash in the messages list.

  • Can I have more than one recipient ?
  • Yes, you can program 2 recipients for the same message. By the way, it is recommended to have 2 recipients in case one of them have changed his mail meanwhile.

  • The person to whom I want to send a message doesn't have any Email adress. How can I do ?
  • The easiest way is to send your message to a trusted people who have an Email, and let him know (i.e. writing on the message for whom the message is) the real recipient of your message.

  • How many messages can I write ?
  • There is no limit. You can write as much messages as you want.

    Check-in questions

  • What is it for ?
  • It's the only way for us to know about your death.

  • What are the check-in frequencies ?
  • You can choose to check-in every year, every semester, every trimester, every month, every weeks, or every day.

  • How to check-in ?
  • You only need to log in into your account

  • When do I have to check-in ?
  • Whatever the check-in frequency you choose, you have untill midnight at your frequency's limit day to check-in.

  • If I forget to check-in, what will happen ?
  • You will receive an alert by mail (and by push notification if you activate them on your account, also by SMS) per day , during 3 days to remind you to check-in (this can be changed in your admin, according to your needs). After this, without any response from you, the messages will be sent.
    You can avoid this process by connecting into your account.

  • Can I modify my check-in frequency ?
  • Yes, you can modify it as much as you want, and whenever you want. No limitations.

  • I can't remember my check-in limit, what can I do ?
  • You just have to log in into your account and you'll be able to see your last check-in date, and the next check-in limit date.

  • I chose an annual check-in frequency, and I know I will not be able to log in into my account at the limit date. What can I do ?
  • You can check-in whenever you want before the limit day, it means you can log in into your account before you are unavailable to check-in.

  • Can I check-in without having to connect to my account in your website ?
  • Yes, you can now use the RSS feed to check-in. This way allows you to check-in with a simple RSS reader (also available in almost all phones)without having to connect into your account in our website. This is one click way to check-in !Please visit RSS page.

    Special cases

  • I can't check-in. What can I do ?
  • We recommend you to give your Login/password to someone trusted and ask him to connect to your account. Later, you can change your password then. You can also use RSS feed to check-in (without connecting to our site), or give the RSS feed link to everyone trusted so that he can check-in without coming in the website (and so, without being able to read your message)


  • What do you do with my informations ?
  • All information stored on the site are confidential, your messages are encrypted in the database, which allows no one, not even the administrator, to access them.